Upon that Rock I Will Build My Church- Loch Ness and Glencoe

a story about my adventure in Loch Ness and Glencoe

When me and my brother waiting for our train in London Euston Station we suddenly had a very strange idea. We thought it will be super cool for us if we could capture Nessy, a legendary monster in Scotland. Upon that random thought, we put Loch Ness on our bucket list.

Actually, Edinburgh and Loch Ness are quite far and it isn’t any direct train from Edinburgh to Loch Ness. That circumstances leave us 3options, first took a direct bus from Edin to Loch Ness. Second took train from Edinburgh to Inverness then took bus from Inverness to Loch Ness. Third, rented a decent car then drive from Edin to Loch ness.

Since we have got our international driving license and we think traveling by car is more comfortable, we decide to rent a Mercedez Benz C class. So right after we arrived at Edinburgh Waverley Station we took our rented car straight forward. However, when we arrived at the rental car office, they replaced our Mercedes Benz C class with Jaguar XE because there is no available C class. We are very excited because it is our first time riding with Jaguar XE.

Right after we received our rented car, we set our GPS destination to Loch Ness. We are a little bit surprised because we didn’t expect that in order to arrive at Loch Ness we need to drive roughly 5 hours in one way.




Even though it took a long time to arrive at Loch Ness, we didn’t feel exhausted because along the way we could enjoy amazing sceneries especially when I reach Glencoe after roughly 3 hours driveway. When I arrived at Glencoe, I was spontaneously electrified by the magnificent scenery. Glencoe landscape is amazingly beautiful because glencoe is surrounded by towering mountains, shaded by vast grassland, and cascaded by sparkling river.




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After another 1 hour drive from Glencoe, finally, I arrived at Fort Augustus, a quiet town where Loch Ness is located. Actually, there is an interesting lake tour in Loch Ness. However, since the last schedule of Loch Ness lake tour is 4.00PM and I arrived at Fort Augustus at roughly 5.00 PM, I couldn’t take the tour. So I decided to take a look around and straight back to Edinburgh before it getting too dark.

In conclusion, my road trip from Edinburgh to Loch Ness is pretty amazing. However, If you really have a plan to road trip from Edinburgh to Loch Ness, I recommend you to stock your car with food and drink because during my road trip I could found only less than 10 Restaurants.

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