The Wisdom

We believe every adventure is an enlightened pilgrimage. This is the collection of wisdom which blossoms from our adventure across the universe


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

- Albert Einstein

  • Fist of The Blue Sky
    I used to enjoy reading the newspaper every day.  However, if I read the news recently, sadness hit me like a train. The news currently is about the economy slowdown, counter-terrorism, climate changes, and another sorrowful phenomenon. I am afraid the overly exposed sorrow might hurdle the development of society because sorrow is the seed of trauma, and trauma might terminate imagination, the oracle of innovation. I love adventure. I hike mountains, dive the oceans and roam the street of metropolitan. As I hike the mountain, I learn all the struggles are rewarding. As I dive the oceans I learn noble ideas emerge from the deepest of the soul. As I wander to the street, I learn everything might be beautiful in the right perspective. From that adventure, I believe though the media has bombarded us with anxiety and prejudice, the world still contain undiscovered ideas, innovations, and imaginations. The world hasn’t lost its glory, but the overly exposed sadness deliver us to the […]