Keep Dreaming On

A Story by Yudit


Dreaming is what I enjoy most in life. The dream is where the world is at its absolute tranquility. The dream is the world I can control,   The world that I could choose my own path. I dream of being a musician ever since I was a child, and it came through as I sat down in high school.

However, nightmares are also within the fantasies of dreams. Vivid and dreadful memories, filled with sadness that leaves you with the feeling of sadness even when you wake up. Like many people would say, the world we live in is ‘black and white’. We rule our own lives and we choose where to set our footsteps on.

I went through a lot of ventures to fulfill my dreams, and I will never forget the people who struggled with me, even those who have gone to different paths because their support is what keeps the spirit of chasing my dream, alive.

If I am asked right now, what would be my dream? My dream is to be able to keep dreaming even when I lose hope. Maybe people would say I’m crazy, unrealistic and delusional, but I’m okay with that. Because in the end, I am the one who will go this life of mine, and I believe God will guide me to the right path.

Keep dreaming on.

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