Back to The Root

a writing by Adrian


Recently so many people around me talk about politics and divisive society. My city is flooded with different religion issues. That issue led me to remind about the function and core of religion. One of the most important values that my religion teach, in my point of view, is that human was sent to the Earth to be a leader -. God bestowed human to make a decision about the earth, including its nature, mortals that live in, and the interaction between mortals and nature. God blessed human with intelligent that will help him/her to decide how human should lead the Earth. Other mortals do not have intelligent that equals to human’, while nature is just a static object that will not retaliate no matter what we do about it.

Knowing and believing that human is the leader in the Earth, I want to be the influential person to the Earth, especially to mankind. Because of my limited capability and capacity, I was confused about what to do to have a great impact on the society. For example, I do not have an extensive network or vast amount of wealth to start a charity. That incapability led me to think smaller activities that can have a large impact in the future.

The most immediate action that I can do is writing. Writing can record my idea and philosophy to make the Earth a better place to live. Even more, a piece of writing can be shared to until far in the future to society. Although might not create a coherent piece, writing is easy to do and only requires courage to start.

I have promised myself that I will commit more of my time to create a writing. That promise reflects my ardently believe in my religion. A devotion does not have to be showed in grandiose action. Even as simple as a piece of writing is a show of your effort to implement your belief.

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