We believe:

Following all the rules, dogmas, and prejudices will take you nowhere but a predictable stagnation, 

Progression could only be made if we fully emerge our soul with the universe.

Now is the perfect time to catch our fire, and initiate progression


This is our story in making progression

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  • Keep Dreaming On
    In The Crusader
    A Story by Yudit …… Dreaming is what I enjoy most in life. The dream is where the world is at its absolute tranquility. The dream is the world I can control,   The world that I could choose my own path. I dream of being a musician ever since I was a child, and it came through as I sat down …
  • Upon that Rock I Will Build My Church- Loch Ness and Glencoe
    In The Adventures
    a story about my adventure in Loch Ness and Glencoe When me and my brother waiting for our train in London Euston Station we suddenly had a very strange idea. We thought it will be super cool for us if we could capture Nessy, a legendary monster in Scotland. Upon that random thought, we put Loch Ness on …